Silly Wasps

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Silly Wasps is an addictive casual puzzler where your cute wasps and other insects is trapped in labyrinths. Guide them back home to the nest and collect flowers on the way. Watch out for the evil robot wasps trying to eat your flowers destroy your nest.

”Easy to learn and easy to get addicted!”

”Excellent brain training from 7 years and up.”

”If you have a few minutes to spare – you can allways play a level”


The evil robowasps have trapped your cute wasps in horrible and dangerous mazes. Your cute friends are confused, hungry and wants to return home. They are simple creatures and some of them always goes to the right, others to the left. It is up to you to guide them home. Find the shortest possible path to the nest by turning bricks, inflating bubbles, opening bars and more. Don't forget to collect enough flowers before letting them return to the nest.


Tap bricks, pillow walls, bubbles, jelly and bars to change the maze – but in a limited number of moves

Don't let wasps crash into dead ends with spikes on any side or get electrocuted

Wasps and other insects with simple but different behavior

Robo-wasps trying to destroy your flowers and nests

Lots of labyrinths to play, with deadly traps, both easy and very hard challenges

Notice: Silly Wasps is free to play, but the game allows you to purchase moves, freeze-flakes and unlock all levels for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases on your device.

Download and play! Let us know what you want in future upgrades and there is a good chance that we add it.